A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is the result of my first experience with the Godot Game Engine.

In HIMMELFAHRT you are a doomed commander of a submarine who's about to fight his / her last battle in an unknown war. The enemies are swarming out to find you. Your goal is to sink as many enemy ships as possible, before getting a deadly hit and entering the hall of fame, where other players have immortalized their names.

  • Submarine-like Movement. You have to accelerate and brake by changing the direction and the speed of your engine. To move up and down, you fill your ballast tanks. But be aware. When you take a hit, your ballast tanks gonna leak and you cannot move to the surface ever again.
  • Configure your Submarine. Before you start a new game. You can upgrade / downgrade certain aspects of your submarine based on a predefined budget. In this way you can implement what you've learned in your previous games.
  • Online Leaderboard. After your game over, you can save your score and your name to an online leaderboard, so that everybody else can see it!


Himmelfahrt.dmg 46 MB
Himmelfahrt.zip 30 MB

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